This site is dedicated to traveling in the vibrant nation of Portugal. People who are interested in visiting Portugal will find full details on some of the most interesting destinations that are just waiting to be explored in the country including the top attractions in these destinations and advice on getting around.

First time visitors to Portugal will be able to gain an insight into what the country has to offer by checking out the different pages that can be found right here on this site. Despite being one of the smallest countries in EuroPortuguese_beach_Algarvepe, Portugal boasts plenty of charm and has its own unique culture that is sure to appeal to visitors from all over the world.

Thousands of people travel to Portugal each year to spend their time soaking up the sun on one of the nation’s beautiful sandy beaches. Water sports such as snorkeling, sailing and surfing are also popular here and people who enjoy spending time messing about in the water will find plenty of great destinations to choose from in Portugal.

However, there is much more to Portugal than simply soaking up the sun. The country boasts a wealth of historical attractions that visitors are sure to enjoy exploring such as ancient monasteries and churches, castles and other magnificent buildings. Nature lovers will also find a large number of large and lovely national parks to explore, while no trip to Portugal would be complete without sampling Portuguese cuisine and lovers of freshly caught seafood are sure to be in their element here.