Hikes With the Best Views of the Ocean

Portugal’s coastline is well known all around the world for its impressive scenery and the numerous trails that follow it. The rocky coastline is among the most special ones on the northern hemisphere and it manages to attract many people each year, thanks to its accessible paths and impressive ocean views. This page of the billet-avion-portugal.net website presents some of the most scenic ocean view routes that one can walk on Portugal’s coastline.

rota-vicentina-routeFacing the raging waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal’s western and south-western coast is riveted with trails and paths that will offer tourists unbeatable ocean views. There are a few trails that stand out from the crowd for their impressive nature and beautiful views, the most prominent one being Rota Vicentina route, which is basically comprised of a network of walking trails, located in the south-west of Portugal.

Totaling over 400 kilometers of trails, this route is considered to be the most beautiful and well maintained coast line network of trails in the whole Europe, offering tourists hikes with some of the best views of the ocean.

It is made up of three “sub-routes”, each with a more interesting name than the other. The first route is called the “Historical Way”, and it was designer in order to reenact the old trail which was being used by the pilgrims and the locals in their journeys in that area. Featuring numerous elements such as fountains, old houses and villages, this route offers both splendid oceanic views and inland elements.

The “Fishermen’s Trail” is aptly named one of the best coastal trails in the world and it offers hikers an increased difficulty level, which is met by spectacular ocean views and high, imposing cliffs that can induce vertigo to those who are scared of heights.

Lastly, the “Circular Routes” encompass a series of trails which all are well known for their discrepancies in terms of anthropic landscapes – farming and the nature conservation efforts.