Portugal’s Most Prestigious University

The multitude of websites like billet-avion-portugal.net proves that Portugal has a rich history and great culture, and it’s one of the most interesting destinations of Southern Europe.

the-university-of-portoMany tourists choose Portugal for the clean, sandy beaches, the beautiful rocky coastline, the warm weather, the natural beauty and the amazing nightlife. However, Portugal isn’t only a great choice for tourists, but also a great place for students.

Many universities of this country have a great reputation. To be more specific, Portugal’s higher education system is the 35th best in the world. The university which is considered the most prestigious, is the university of Porto, which is in 323rd place in the QS World University Rankings 2016/17 and it is one of the 200 top European universities.
It was founded in 1911 and it was composed by two schools, the school of science and the school of medicine. Today, the university of Porto has 14 faculties of education and research in the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Economics
  • Fine Arts
  • Nutrition and food science
  • Sciences
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Sports
  • Pharmacy
  • Arts
  • Dental medicine
  • Medicine
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Psychology and Education sciences

The university has approximately 30,000 students, where the 3,280 are international. It provides 636 Degrees, where 34 of them are Bachelor’s Degrees, 18 of them Integrated Masters’ degrees, 124 of them Masters’ Degrees, 84 of them Doctoral Degrees and 376 of them Lifelong Learning Courses.

One of the university’s most important advantages is the high quality of its research centers, like the institute of molecular pathology, the institute of molecular and cell biology and the research institute of computer systems. More than 25 of the total 49 research centers are rated as ‘Very good’ or ‘Excellent’.

Except research, the university of Porto is a major contributor in the area of innovation, with 183 active patents, 20 active licensed technologies. The Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto helped in the development of more than 150 companies dedicated to innovation.

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