Top 10 Universities In Portugal

shutterstock_437202685Before we begin our story about top 10 Portuguese universities, let’s state several facts that might help all students who have second thoughts to make their final decision, and come to or stay in Portugal to make their dreams come true. First of all, Portugal offers high-quality education in a wide range of well-ranked universities supported by the efficient education system. Students who decide to study in Portugal will, apart from precious knowledge and degree, have a chance to see amazing coastlines, historic sites and attend numerous events and festivals. In other words, they will become a part of Portuguese contemporary culture.

What Universities in Portugal have to offer?

If you decide that it is the best for you to get your bachelor or masters degree abroad, continue reading and find out useful information for freshman that will help you get started. As most of the European countries, Portugal has also adopted the Bologna Process and offers young people an opportunity to get three levels of degree. Therefore, after three-year or four-year studying, students get bachelor degrees. Master studies follow the bachelor level and last for one or two years. Doctorate level takes three years to complete. Even though Portugal is a member state of the European Union, most courses are taught in their mother tongue, Portuguese.

Make a Choice of Top 10 Universities

When it comes to studying and getting a degree, Portugal brings a lot to the table, and it is pretty hard to make the right decision. Students need to know that they should choose a college that matches their personal goals and objectives, abilities, budget and interests. The highest-ranking universities in Portugal are the University of Porto, University of Coimbra, University of Lisbon, Nova School of Business and Economics and University of Porto. It would be wrong not to mention Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Instituto de Arte, Universidade do Minho, Instituto Polit├ęcnico do Porto, and Universidade de Aveiro. It is a difficult decision to make, right? You have to make it.