Top Attractions in Lisbon

The coastal city of Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is the perfect place to use as a base while exploring the area. Lisbon boasts an interesting blend of rich culture, historical attractions and stunning sights that make this a fascinating place to explore. Here are some of the most impressive sights in Lisbon that are just waiting to be discovered by visitors.

The Castle of St George

This enchanting 15th centurCASTLE_OF_ST._GEORGE_Lisbon_Portugal_(24374242310)y castle is perched at the top of one of Lisbon’s towering hills and is the city’s most prominent landmark. Wandering the castle walls is a great way to discover the history of Lisbon, while special multimedia presentations that are held here really bring the history to life. The castle ramparts offers visitors spectacular views of the city and the surrounding area, while a large number of festivals are held in the castle gardens during the summer months.

Belem Tower

People who have a head for heights will also enjoy climbing to the top of this majestic white stone tower. This unique tower was built in the 16th century in the Manueline architectural style and an interesting and informative museum inside provides an insight into Lisbon’s maritime history.

Nations Park

Visitors who are in search of entertainment will find a wide range of options at Nations Park. This large retail and entertainment park contains a wide range of retail outlets as well as bars, restaurants and concert halls. Taking a stroll along the walkway here provides visitors with stunning views of the River Tagus, while the observation deck at the Torre Vasco da Gama is a great place to hang out while soaking up the scenery.

Hieronimite Monastery

This 16th century monastery is one of Portugal’s most important religious buildings and is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. Hieronimite Monastery is one of the few examples of medieval Manueline architecture still in existence and is the final resting place of famous writer Luís de Camões and explorer Vasco da Gama.