Unwind in Style at Costa Verde

The Costa Verde is the tourist area covering the districts of the Minho and most of the Douro Litoral; it stretches north from the city of Porto to the Spanish border, a small distance north of Viana do Castelo. Here, you’ll find some stunning coastline, including the wide, sandy beach at Ponte de Lima. Notable destinations are the resorts of Espinho, Póvoa do Varzim and Ofir, which have some of the best hotels, restaurants, and water sports equipment in Portugal.

Main Attractions

The Costa Verde is popular with the younger crowd, who come here for sun and fun on the many beaches. Inland, there are several historic and interesting towns and villages. The Parque da Penada Gerês is a nature reserve of charming beauty in the northeastern corner, on the border with Spain.

The major city of the Costa Verde, Porto, is a vibrant destination, offering superb nightlife opportunities and delightful beaches. Porto’s most interesting neighborhood is Ribeira, with cobbled streets lining the riverbank. Viana do Castelo boasts downloadan attractive main square that features a water fountain dating from 1553. The town of Guimarães has done a good job maintaining many of its established buildings from the past. Meanwhile, Braga is still the home of Portugal’s Bishops, and has many churches.

Exploring the Area

Eighteen kilometers south of Porto, Espinho is a popular resort offering many activities, including tennis and golf. The town has a range of shops, restaurants, hotels and campsites near the sandy beach. Ofir is 47kms north of Porto and boasts the best beach resort between Porto and Viana do Castelo. The nearest shops are at Fão, two to three kilometers inland on an estuary of the Cávado River.

Leisure options: Porto does not have as much music as Lisbon, but a few clubs do promote the art form. The most attractive is Mal Cozinhado, where five singers and musicians perform folkloric guitar music and the accompanying nostalgic lyrics. Along the other towns of the Costa Verde, there are plenty of charming beach bars that offer a serene nightlife.